8 Fictional Characters That Give Me Serious Nail Envy

Morning all!

While watching tv, nail art always jumps out at me, I just saw Alice Through The Looking Glass in theaters and I loved the white queen's black chevron tips, I'll definitely be trying them soon! And I've always wanted to get my hands on a bottle of Ironic Taffy~

Here are some awesome designs or just impressive nails from movies of the past:

Yubaba from Spirited Away

Rin from Free!

Drusilla from BTVS

Gossamer has some lovely black and yellow french tips :P

Effie Trinket from Hunger Games

                                   I wish painting my nails is as easy as that looks

Sugalite from Steven Universe

Spike from BTVS (maybe he got his style from Dru?)
Pop by again sometime~


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