DIY Mermaid Scale Blush

Hello, Lovelies!

I shattered my favorite blush a couple weeks ago by dropping it on the counter, and just now had some time to fix it. The mixing broken makeup with rubbing alcohol trick has been floating around for ages, but I've added my own twist onto it today.

I've used loofahs before to add mermaid scales in nail art; I figured it would work just as well for blush! I've made a little tutorial below so if you shatter any makeup compacts (although I hope you don't!) you can kill two birds with one stone by fixing it + adding in some mermaid magic to your favorite makeup.

See you later mermaids~


  1. wowza' that looks prettier than me at the prom after party (not saying much)' But' what the dingleberry is the purpose of the scales? Don't they just rub out when ya use it once... and apply makeup... anyways''' Keep up that grind gerl

    u inspiar mí

  2. the scales are just for show, anyone with common sense would understand that. may be u should lay off and let her just do her Toby.


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