FASH limited acrylic nail art brushes review

I finally got around to buying some new nail art brushes online. I've looked in every beauty store in my area for inexpensive brushes but I couldn't find any. So I caved in and got these from amazon.

They came in a little plastic bag and they all had plastic caps except for the fan brushes.

There are fifteen brushes in all,
One dotting tool, two short detail brushes,
two fan brushes, a long striping brush, and a medium striping brush,
two pointed brushes, three square brushes in varying sizes,

a very small pointed detail brush, a stiff triangle brush, and a do it all detail brush.

It was 7.99 for the fifteen brushes and they came in the mail four or five days after I placed my order. I've used the medium length striping brush a couple times and I'm very pleased with it. I'm able to do much thinner and clearer lines with it than with my old brushes. The dotting tool works fine but it's a bit small for my designs.
Overall I'm very happy with the brushes and I would recommend them if it's your first set and you want a lot of different brush types and sizes.

You can buy these brushes here from Amazon.

Thanks for reading!


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