Doctor who freezer paper stencil shirt

I saw a really cute t-shirt at the mall a couple weeks ago that said "I heart heart doctor who". I really liked it but sadly I was too cheap to buy it. I've been wanting to try out freezer paper stenciling for a while now and I realized I could make my own t-shirt!
I got the t-shirt on clearance for three bucks, and I already had the fabric paint leftover from some other project so it was real cheap to make, I'm glad I held off on buying that one from the store. I found a design I liked, printed it out, traced it onto freezer paper, ironed it to my shirt, painted, peeled off, and voila!

And conveniently near me I have a store with a double decker bus from London, so I had to go take pictures there.
I actually like mine more than the one I saw in the store, the store one was white with black and red. I think the blue looks better than the black would of, it's like tardis blue!

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