Halloween nail polish

I went looking for Halloween makeup Thursday morning, and I think I did pretty good!
I was looking for Fantasy makers Once upon a time and I got the last bottle! Everything was half off (at K-mart) so I got this for 99 cents. Wal-mart had these two packs of polish, I bought two for 1.50 each. I got a pack with a black crackle and a glow in the dark polish, and a pack with a pink crackle and a normal black.
I also got a fantasy makers purple mascara. I haven't tried colored mascaras before but I was intrigued enough to buy one.
I tried Fright night claw polish black crackle over the glow in the dark polish. It crackled really well and went on easily. The glow in the dark only glows faintly in pitch black but that could be me only putting two coats on. I might try again with really thick coats and see how that turns out.
Thanks for reading!


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