Weekly wrap up #81

Hi guys!

Here's what I've been doing lately:

Reading: Raven by Allison Van Deipen,
Watching: Hetalia world series, InuYasha, The world only god knows, Fairy Tail, Is this a zombie Hataraku Maou sama,
Listening to: Dream on by Aerosmith and I can't decide by Scissor Sisters,
Making: a Tardis dress for a costume contest that's coming up,
Buying: galaxy tights for my costume, a new lamp for my nail photos,
Wanting: this cute mug (maybe I could make one myself?),
Liking: this creative Tardis skirt,
Eating: chocolate covered orange sticks, Pocky, and spicy ramen,
Drinking: water,
Wearing: my favorite blue longsleeve for the first time in months,
Sites I've started reading recently: Alice in Lacquerland, ProcrastiNails, Love Is Soup,
Playing: WOW,
Favorite nails of the week: She likes my spark!,
Disliking: that it's getting too cold to swim anymore,

Thanks for reading!


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