DIY circle skirts

Hi girls!

I'm finally posting about those skirts I hinted at a couple weeks ago in one of my weekly wrap ups! I used this tutorial for the pattern, and this video to get a better feel as to how to put it all together.

I've made two of the skirts so far, the one I'm wearing above is the second one I've sewn. I made the first a bit too big so I sewed a couple pleats into it to make the waist smaller, the second doesn't have any pleats. And it's pretty flowy without them, I was lucky to get this just the right size on my second try.

I used some vintage sheets to make these instead of buying yardage, you need a ginormous square of fabric to make this. I'm sure there's a better way to cut this out, you're left with a lot of leftover fabric, but for now I just cut it the way the tutorial I used did.  I could of done a proper waistband with elastic but I just left it with the one seam. I used a plain zipper and hand sewed a hook and loop closing in to finish it.

I'm planning on making an assortment of these in different colors, they'll be great for wearing in the summer when it warms up a bit!
The skirt below was my first try, it's wearable but I'm happier with how the floral one came out so I'll probably get more wear out of that one.

Thanks for reading!


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