Weekly wrap up

Hi girls!

Here's what I've been doing lately:

reading: Round Ireland with a fridge by Tony Hawks,
watching: Hetalia, Attack on Titan, Supernatural, Sherlock, Free!,Yumekui Merry,
eating: omelets with ham and cilantro,
drinking: water,
listening to: Waving Flag by K'nann,
on my nails: GOT skittle mani,
fave nails of the week: retro gray glitter nails,
liking: this colorful hedgehog drawing,
wanting: to make this diy pallet swing bed,
wearing: flip flops!,
buying: some new flips flops,
finding: this neat HP gif,
blogs I've started reading: frecklesoncheeks, Fife Fantasi Nails, Esta cerrada la drogueria,

Thanks for reading!


  1. is Free!,Yumekui Merry nice? erm.. anime?

    1. Yes they are! Free! has gorgeous animation and Yumekui Merry is a very cute supernatural/comedy.


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