Swatch Sundays: Color Club For You

Hello Lovelies!

I finally found a local (well local is stretching it) store that sells Color Club! Only some BB&B's sell it, and I thought we didn't have any in the state, but I was wrong, and I bought this little beauty~
This is Color Club For You, they didn't have any full size polishes so I got a cute 'lil mini bottle. This is three coats with Out The Door. And then the next day I went and ruined it by layering a black crackle over it...
Don't ask what possessed me to do it, it seemed smart at the time ok?

See you later~


  1. Well, this is a pretty one. Love the color and glitters on it. A must try indeed!

    1. I'm a sucker for milky glitter crellies like this


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