Swatch Sundays: L'oreal Indigo Classic

Hello Lovelies!

Brief post today guys, because I'm falling asleep as I jot this out real quick, haha. This is L'oreal Indigo Classic, it's a bright navy blue textured polish, this falls into the really rough category of sugar textures. I picked this up from Big Lots eons ago and thought it was a creme until I picked it out for a nail art design, and went "Huh, what's going on with this?" Eventually I caught on that it was a texture, and not that I'd left my polish out in the sun too long. This is two coats, no top coat obviously.

See you later~


  1. Wow!!! This is soooo pretty. I super love the color and texture. I prefer this kind of texture for they really last long compared to other nail polishes.

    1. I've noticed that too, they take sooo long to chip.


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