What's up buttercup?

Hello Lovelies!

Here's what I've been up to lately:

reading: Charming by Elliot James,
watching: Walking Dead, Supernatural, 
listening to: WTNV,
wearing: sweaters and lots o' layers,
eating: pho noodles and chocolate chip cookies,
drinking: mint chamomile tea,
loving: that I met Hank Green on Wednesday at the WTNV book tour,
on my nails: WTNV nail art I did for this ^^
playing: Skyrim Elder Scrolls,
buying: some asian face masks that I'm going to include in a post soon, and a pretty crelly from Forever21,
making: brownies,
wanting: this jaw dropping Jack Skellington dress,
liking: these monochrome skittle nails,
finding: more lipstick I need because of cute packaging,

See you later~


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