What's the story, morning glory?

Good morning lovelies!

How has your week been going? I got a lot of stuff done for once, finished my Kiki dress, found some old nail polishes at an estate sale, and finally finished The Word Exchange, I've been trudging through that for ages.

reading: this Ikea Alex vs Helmer debate,
listening to: my tumblr playlist via trntbl,
watching: supernatural, ore monogatari, tokyo ghoul,
eating: pringles, mint cookies, 
drinking: dandelion tea,
buying: bundle monster mochi stamper,
liking: these cute ghibli water decals,
finding: this beautiful new collection by nail hoot,
wanting: the peanut butter jelly too faced palette,
on my nails: one punch man and random fandom nail art,
wearing: pj shorts,
slices of the internet: holy snails shark sauce?!
looking forward to: wizard world comic on,
planning on: a beach day with friends,
working on: my kiki cosplay, finished the dress today!
playing: wrath of the white witch,

feeling: bummed my three day weekend went so fast,

Pop over again tomorrow morning~


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