DIY Candle Jar Makeup Brush Organizer

Hello Lovelies!

This week hasn't been as productive as I hoped... I had planned to get so much done, but life came and nipped that in the bud real quick!

I did finish one tiny project in spite of all the drama! I bought this huge candle from Ross ages ago, mainly because I liked the heavy glass jar. I've been keeping my go-to makeup brushes in an ugly little glass container; this jar seemed like a much prettier alternative!

DIY makeup brush holder

I started out by scraping out what I could with a spoon and then used some hot water to melt any leftover wax residue. Goo Gone took care of the labels and a knife helped jimmy out the metal bases of the wicks.

I used the same decorative pebbles from the old set up for simplicity's sake, but I'm planning on getting a more suitable color when I get time later on.

makeup brush holder

This definitely is way cuter than the plain glass container I was using! How do you store your brushes? I'm always looking for new ideas~


  1. I love repurposing candles as pencil holders or makeup brush containers! Something I do is use old whole coffee beans to fill the base instead of pebbles! It's cheap and smells great too!

    Modern Beauty Girl

    1. Coffee beans are a great idea! I might try that soon.


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